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Fabulous Animal




Then came the day when the turtle

was tired of her protective shell.


Sure, it had helped her survive,

but retreating is no way to live.


She flipped through the catalog

until she found the removable,


realistic great white shark fin,

dorsal, size medium. Just right.


It came with a strap to adjust it

to her carapace and a carrying case


for times when she’d rather be truer

to her turtle nature. It was awkward


at first, the way the other fish

scarpered when she came around.


Yeah, she felt powerful, but

to be honest, the ocean felt


a little too lonely then. Of course

she liked feeling safer, heck,


even the fishermen stayed away,

but the fin was cumbersome and


just plain strange. After a few days,

she decided to give it away


to a crab who admired it.

Let the sharks be sharks, she thought,


and she reveled in her shell, how

it allowed her body to be so very soft.

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