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No one ever said
how high the apple was,
and just how much

of a stretch it might have been
for Eve to pick it.
I think about this today

as I reach for the small, round
purple fruits I cannot name.
There is pleasure and

frustration in not knowing
what to call something
so pleasuresome, so good.

The tree is tall. I do not
need a snake to invite me
to reach. And when I

devour the sweet purple flesh
and the soft cream around
the large black seeds,

I do not need anyone
to bid me take another bite.
I do not share.

From not far away, a rooster
crows. From not far away,
the sound of wind disturbing

dried banana leaves. Those
trees are not so difficult to reach.
Scent of the sea, is it? I do not

pause long to consider the possibilities,
purple juice streaming down
the long, not quite long enough

reach of my arm.

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