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Guilt finds the seeds and buries them in April,

hiding them darkly so no one will see.

He waters them secretly.

The sun does what the sun will do.

The seeds sprout and he thins them,

unwilling to pluck them all,

unwitting that the ones that remain

grow stronger.


Desire brings fertilizer, tends to the leaves.

Her ladybugs devour aphid filigrees.

She talks to the greens.

In September she builds waterwalls

to shelter the near-ripened fruit.

She offers to share her tomatoes with you.

Take a bite, she says, her voice like sun.

You can’t stop with just one.

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Three Humblings

lost in the corn maze

for hours, always knowing

exactly where I am not


acutely aware

of a much larger dance—

blood moon


the young magician

made the coins disappear—

longing to hand him my guilt

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All Night Long

let’s say they are lovers
guilt and delight
one keeps on laughing
as the other
turns out the lights

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purple handed
after mulberry picking—
imagine if
all pleasures
came with stain

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