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If we are running out of time,

no one has told that to the avocado

which sits on the counter

hard and light green as if

not only will there be

a tomorrow, but in fact,

things might just be

much more delicious then,

so smooth, so perfect,

so ready to be shared.

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One Blustery



enormous wind—

hanging on to my smile

so it won’t blow away

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and suddenly I’m singing

in the cereal aisle,

unable to turn the music up

and dancing anyway—

the words spin me

like old friends,

My older self looks back

at me and says,

that’s right,

move it sister

while you still hear

the music, while you still

can dance.

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the only thing

that matters

is the wound—

from a dark nest

comes gold

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One Stormy Night



every cloud

a love letter—

and me, still learning to read

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One Almost




writing a letter on a leaf

and throwing it to the wind—

all day it smells like rain



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One Game





a Frisbee we toss

between heartbeats

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