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Because our conversation
feels like riding a bike uphill,  
I think of gears. I think
of how easy it is to shift
lower, how a simple flick
of the thumb makes the impossible
possible. Where are the gears
for love? There must be better
ways to use our teeth
than biting words. There must
be a series of notched wheels
in the heart that allow us
to move forward with less force,
some mechanism to make
the chain hop from one sprocket
to another, changing the way
we engage. I want to find that gadget,
those gears, the ones that help us
hear each other, the ones
that help us say what must be said,
the simple tools that allow us
to move forward at all.

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            –a poem based on a painting



Because it is stitched on my face,

that is the reason I am still smiling.

Somewhere there are lilies blooming.

Somewhere the sacred chambers of nautilus.

Somewhere there are lullabies.

But here? How did the calendar

get cut into strips? Even Monday

and Tuesday have gotten a divorce.

The writing’s on the wall, but no one

can read it, they’re too busy shouting.

What is it they’re trying to say? All

of them making their mouths bigger,

as if that is the secret to being right.

I am grateful these big floppy ears can’t hear.

If my eyes were not yarn, I would cry.

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he pushes and he
pushes and he pushes and
he pushes and I
push back and we both topple
tall poppies hacked at the stem

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