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Not the full-coverage shorts. Not the black one-piece
with the ruffle around the hips. She wants
to expose some skin. She doesn’t care
for an instant who’s looking. Or who’s not.
She’s got flesh and she likes it that way.
A woman needs weight in the world.
Damn, she is getting hot just thinking
about the sun. Wild Rose finds a strapless bikini
in her favorite color, brilliant magenta.
Barely a bottom. Perfect. Another in hunter orange.
She plans to be swimming with sharks
and wants them to know she is there.
God, she loves shopping for bathing suits. She could
do it all day with that long tri-fold mirror
that knows she doesn’t give a shit
about who’s the loveliest of all, but how
could she not notice how great it is to have hips,
to have some real meat to swing around.

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