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In the bedroom of my heart, kicking out the stinking news, opening the window to hear the river song.

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One After Terrible News




despite everything,

today, daisies in white bloom,

scent of mint, of bread


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In All Cases




all the more reason

to hug one another—

this great news, that terrible news

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After Reading the News

All day the dull gray weight
of hatred sits on me like
a heavyweight wrestler
and refuses to move.
The referee does not exist.
I lose the will to struggle.
Meanwhile, I watch myself
lie there beneath him, as if
watching myself in a movie,
and I walk away from the whole
sad scene, my heart
responding to some invitation
I wish would come …
to find love in me for everyone
I meet, even for that wrestler,
even for that woman lost
beneath his weight.

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It all began with the dark, of course, like any good poem.
And then there was the problem of how exactly to bring in
some light. Dawn, of course, but that just seemed too obvious.
Fireflies, but that would be too childish. Bioluminescence?
Too obscure. The need: something everyone can relate to. The poem,
of course, was not at all about the dark. It was about the teenage girl
who had killed perhaps thirty men for the thrill of killing. She lost count,
she told the newspaper reporter, after twenty-two men.
But that is too gruesome to write about: the knife blade, the blood,
the groping, the new husband in the back of the car waiting with a cord, the cult.
So the poem was about dark. And for light, not the moon. No.
Too sacred, somehow, and there are just too many poems
about the moon. Light bulbs, well, there’s a metaphor for you.
And a joke, too. But the poem was just not in the mood for a joke
and despite a surplus of 40 watt bulbs in the closet,
it decided that the dark was best, after all, and
just sat there, quietly, considering the dark.

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What do you get when you mix a snowstorm, Tips for Jesus and Knockout?

Today, New Verse News published this poem that pulls them all together. Thanks James Penha. If you click on the day before, there is a great poem by my friend David Feela on the death of Nelson Mandela.


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All day I imagine
how it could be me,
could be you, it is her
on that street, in that car,
in the chains, in the window.
All day I break down
the door. All day
I turn toward love.
It is not hard to find love,
but it is not easy
to be joyful in it.
We are so alone
All day I break.
The door
is still not open

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