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            a found poem



mom, she says,

I found this ring I’m wearing

on the ground—

do you think it means

the world and I are married?


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a found poem, written verbatim



So, she says, what do you want to know about your future?

Will I be happy? I say.

Yes, she says.

Will I find true love? I say.

She says, You already have.

Will I be a good mother, I say.

She nods and says, Yes.

Will I write poems until I die?

She says, what if there is no “Will I?”

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check out this website devoted to found poems … today they published a poem of mine overheard on the chairlift last year …


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I know the F word
says the seven year old.
It’s Fuck.

There is no snarl
in the syllable,
only amusement
that a word
is called
by the same
first letter
that begins his name.

Oh yeah,
says the other seven year old,
who’s name begins
with C,
I know the C word.
He waits
for the F boy
to guess,
then says,
It’s Kissing.

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Start on all fours,
placing your hands
below your shoulders,
your knees

below your hips.
Bring your right knee
forward to touch
your right wrist.

Slowly inch your right shin
toward the midline of your body.
Now straighten your left leg
toward the back.

Keep your hips level,
and as they settle
press your fingertips firmly
into the floor.

Now walk your hands forward,
inhale deeply,
and exhale as you fold forward,
lowering your elbows to the floor.

The sensations that flood
your hips might feel great—
or slightly unnerving—
or a combination of the two.

Breathe. Observe
the reactions in your mind.
Let go of them
by relaxing your eyes.

Continue to breathe
into your hips.
Allow your belly to melt.
You’re peeling back layers of tension.

Feel your hips
and your mind soften
Allow waves
to wash over you. 

After the forward bend,
inhale back up.
Press down through your fingertips
and lift your hips.

Take five deep breaths.
Observe how you feel.
There’s no need to attach
any meaning to the sensations.

No need to worry or judge yourself.
Strong as these sensations are,
they’ll soon morph
into different feelings.

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