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Bald Eagle

In less than ten seconds

I fell in love with the eagle

before it rounded the corner

and disappeared.


it’s easier to love

that which moves quickly

through our lives.

Harder to love

what stays long enough

to disappoint, to hurt, to betray—

harder to feel disenchanted

and love anyway.

I’ve seen an eagle

carry prey that weighs

more than it does.

Makes me want to believe

I, too, can carry more—

like a love bigger than I am.

Like forgiveness beyond

what my thoughts can think.

Like willingness to keep loving

long after I’d rather rest my wings.

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That bald eagle
flies this canyon every day
today I saw him


all day I try
to scrape it off my skin
that bad dream


long after you leave
the chairs remain hushed so to
better hear you sing


every story
I’ve ever had
the end

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