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Did he just say what I just heard?
Those unkind words—
malicious pokes
disguised as jokes.

Should I carp back? Or balk? Or scoff?
Just laugh it off?
Stare blank as sky?
Collapse and cry?

Or keep on making oolong tea,
for him, for me.
A silent room.
The dark leaves bloom.

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for Joi Sharp

And there they appeared,
all around me, roses,

lilies and delphiniums blue,
and even some flowers

that weren’t in season—
lilacs, azaleas

and birds of paradise,
all of them blooming,

abundant and blooming,
the air hung with sweetness,

the petals so soft,
and for a while I thought

oh! for me! my flowers!
my bouquets! Until

one by one, though reluctant
at first, and with some pouting throughout,

I was guided to give them away
and they were much

lovelier then.

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