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Second Chance



Next time the boy

throws the snow

at my face,


please let me see

an invitation

to play,


though it’s cold,


his eyes bright requests.

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Rolling and diving in the pond, their slick,

dark bodies slip through the water

like needles stitching into a great green cloth.

They vanish, then reappear, then vanish.

There, a tail! A nose! Two noses! A back,

then a belly, then a foot. The two chase

each other, then dive, then eat,

then wrestle, then dive, then eat,

then spool and reel in tandem grace.

If there is grief in their world, they don’t show it.

Loss seems unnoticed by them.

They corkscrew their bodies through

the afternoon. Because they’re alive,

they keep swimming. Because

they’re alive, they play.

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and that is when
the Beloved said,
(and this is, of course,
a rough translation),
Hey, bowing’s nice,
but wouldn’t you rather
jump up and play chase
or a round of badminton,

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Goes for Play, Too

There is work
to do. There
always is. Me,
I make up a once upon
a time to go with it.
Add twists to the vacuuming,
hum to the dishes, turn
laundry into lyric.
For you, it is
more like math.
A simple path.
Do this plus do this
equals done. There
is not a right or
a wrong. There are
two, and there
is work to do.

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Mommy, she says,
I can see right through myself.
What do you see,
I ask.

I see the night,
she says.
Are there stars,
I ask.

She pauses long.
And then a few moments later
she says, Mom, I’ve disappeared.

How do they do it,
these young ones,
teach us to be
so wholly here.

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