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Not Expecting

Tonight, I placed my hands on my belly
and recalled the first time I felt the flutter
of your body as it grew inside mine.
Oh, the thrill of that movement,
sweet proof of your being.
To be touched from the inside,
touched by life itself as it flourished
into trillions of cells. Oh,
to know life like that.
Even now, I can feel it,
the ghost of a kick,
can recall it as easily
as I recall sunshine on the skin.
After your death, is it strange
it feels like I carry you inside me again,
only this time I am the one
who is growing,
I am the one being formed.

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When pregnant, it was clear

I was along for the ride with a miracle.

Sure, I could eat organic broccoli,

walk and eschew caffeine,

but that was just taking care

of the vessel. Life itself

was doing the real work.


Imagine my surprise today

to realize I’m still along for the ride.

How did I ever kid myself

that I was in charge?

And oh, the bliss today

to notice anew these hands,

these eyes, these feet!

What joy to see them again

as the miracle they are,

to offer them in service to life.

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Swell, stutter,
tremble, flutter,
stumble, grasp, contract,

waddle, falter,
rise up, wither
wander, linger, gasp,

squat, break,
spread, quake,
writhe, clench, fall, breathe, groan,

wrestle, shake,
push, unmake,
release, arch, push, hum, moan,

shudder, sweat,
quiver, let,
crown, push, open, tear,

cradle, hum
unfold, undone,
stare, wonder, weep, revere.

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