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This solar year, you will actually become the one you wished for. 

            —Holiday Mathis, horoscope



And so when Holiday Mathis tells me

that this is the year I will become

the one I wished for, I decide to believe her.

If it’s true, I will become sky, become river,

become aspen. Peace in my actions, truth

in my words, love in my every breath.

And though I’m unsure about horoscopes,

I decide to do everything I can to prove

her right, my thoughts already perhaps

a bit more fluid, a bit more blue.

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The horoscope says

that changes will come thick
and fast over the next few days,
but not to worry, they are
the kinds of changes
I enjoy. I wonder
what that might mean.
That my drought-wilted
garden flowers will
leap up to green new life?
That I will no longer think it sounds good
to devour the whole bag of chips?
That people all around the world
will drop their weapons, their grudges,
their vendettas, their curses, their fists?
That I will stop dreaming impossible dreams
like this?

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