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the sudden crescendo of luck.
The boy says, please
will you teach me
to play piano and there
is nothing to do except
say yes. And inexplicably,
where once was fidget
and fiddle and twitch
and squirm there is
sufficient curiosity for sitting
very, very still and learning
the curve of the fingers just so,
first against the silent bench and then
against the keys themselves,
and he names the notes as he plays them,
again and again and again; again;
e, d, c, d, e, e, e. The rising thrill
as it wakes in him, a rush
of understanding, the singing language
of the staves. Now the dark blots
are song in his fingers, melody
on his breath. There is never time
enough. But sometimes,
oh, the music falls out despite. Quarter
notes doing cartwheels
as if they’ve escaped
the pleats of time, danced
right off the signature and
played their way right
into the astonished heart.

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