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finding myself waist-deep

in a mud puddle,


if I’d rather

have you pull me out

or if it might not

be more fun

to pull you in

and reel in mud


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I wanted to be more like you,

I did. I wanted to fit in

your hummingbird world

with its hummingbird nests

and its delicate wings and

its predisposition toward

delicate things, such as

tea cups and flowers

and gossamer strings.

So I painted my body

with delicate swirls

and colorful, whimsical

intricate whorls, and I tried

to fit my whole self inside

your dainty settings,

I tried, I tried to be more

like you, but there is no hiding

these giant gray legs and

this massive gray trunk

and these floppy gray ears.

It’s obvious. I am an elephant,

dear, and I just can’t squeeze into

this fragile world.

I belong home

in the elephant herd.

And I’m sorry I broke your fine

china cups. It’s so evident now

I can’t fit in them, but …

well, sometimes we need

to fail to learn. We need to digress

before we return.

I still think you’re lovely,

though slightly absurd,

oh beautiful, delicate,

bright hummingbirds.

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that elephant over there?
oh, yeah, I like to tell myself
it can fit in my pocket


don’t yell at me
I yell at him—
dead sunflower in the vase


do you think
this elephant in my pocket
makes me look fat?


too hot for my fingers
this piece of steamed carrot so I throw
it in my mouth


just before the snooze
alarm goes off again, a whole
dream in three minutes


I don’t know
if truth becomes visible but
elephants do


that scar, I pick
it even as I say out loud
stop picking it

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New Neighbor

So surprising,
that elephant when he walked
through the door clearly marked
elephant, a door
I never knew I had.

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