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They hang in the closet, their shoulders fading,

all these clothes I can’t bear to take

to the Second Chance.

The black cocktail dress with the plunging neck

its bodice snug, its open back,

made for a sassy uptown evening,

and the deep red jacket, more froth than cloth,

artsy and hand stitched, something to wear

on stage or to an art opening.

The silvery coat that fits like snake skin,

and the long silk skirt just right for a beach

that I’ve never been to in France.

Every day I walk to the same plastic hanger

in the middle of the closet and pull off the same

black cotton dress, somewhat shapeless,

perfect for pulling dandelions in the garden

or going to the grocery store to buy eggs,

for driving my son to math camp or hiking in Bear Creek.

Every day I choose that same black dress, every day, and why not,

when it’s equally well suited for paying bills

and washing breakfast dishes and dusting the unplayed piano.

Just right for waiting on hold for the insurance company

or writing an article about the history of kitchens or

changing the water in the fish tank, or, for that matter,

for cleaning the closet as I look again at all those beautiful clothes

and choose to keep them, let them hang right where they are,

a testament to some other woman I used to be. Huh, she was younger,

but you know, I almost look like her.

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