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I decided to take

the invitation seriously.

Nothing changed.

I made breakfast.

Went to work.


Made a date

to speak with a friend.

Swore at the magpie

that dive bombed

my head. Ate popcorn

for lunch.

Made plans

for four months from now.

Took vitamins.

Drank green tea.

Watered the seeds

planted yesterday.

Talked to the seeds,

encouraged them to grow.

Read a book, stopped

at the penultimate chapter.

Some things are better

left unfinished.

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It wasn’t today.
The plane took off.
Flew. Landed.

My brother arrived.
He drove us
through eight lanes of traffic

to a beautiful home
where it was so easy
to hug, to laugh,

to eat, to remember,
to relax, to not even
think that it

might have gone
another way, so easy
to smile, to give thanks.

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balanced on a twig—
two blue dragonflies and
all that space between them


the story, calloused
and gnarled, inside it
red leaping blood


picking up the moon
like a telephone to dial
your number, of course


dessert for
the Armageddon


opening a can
of worms to find
rose petals

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