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There is in each of us an ocean
full of secrets strange and luminous,
an ocean with depths we do not understand,
with dark we often fear,
a place almost impossible to visit
and yet it moves with us
everywhere we go,
informs every conversation,
underlies every thought.
There is treasure there,
but it belongs to the depths
the way the heart
belongs to the body.
Everything depends on this.
Lately, I’m learning to think of treasure
only as a verb,
not as a thing to be taken.
I’m learning that to live
is to be an ocean.

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Jane Hirshfield HD photo (c) Curt Richter

What does one of the most brilliant and compassionate minds of our time have to say about human action/inaction and climate crisis? I got to interview Jane Hirshfield about her new book Ledgera poetic and scientific account of the ecological reckoning we now face. Our conversation was published in The Open Notebook. Jane has been one of my heroes for twenty years, and now, after reading this book and getting the chance to converse, I respect her 9000 times more.


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