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I want to meet the world

the way these calendula blossoms

meet the cold.

While everything around them

has wilted or browned,

they lift up their gold and orange faces

like bright earthbound suns—

not with some agenda

to make the world a better place,

but because they are doing

what they are made to do—

to be soft yet resilient,

beautiful and tough,

to carry inside themselves

the seeds for more beauty,

and, when the time comes,

spill them everywhere.

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Tonight, courage is the voice

of the mint tea as it lends its strength,

its green to the water.


It’s no small thing

to infuse something else

with warmth, with sweetness.


All day, I’ve wanted to be bolder.

All day, I’ve felt unsure

of what comes next.


The mint says yes, says drink,

says rest. Says, a small kick

can do a lot. The mint says,


one way to get stronger

is patience. It soothes me,

it helps me to sit


and feel what I feel

this smooth tea—

subtle, strong enough.


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It surprises me she is fragile,

this woman who labored for eighteen hours


to birth me, this woman who cared for me

every time I was sick, who coached


my soccer team, who led my Girl Scout troupe.

This woman who went hunting and fishing


and still often comes home with the biggest

catch. This woman who walked ten miles


to raise money for hunger. This woman

who prays for everyone, everyone.


And so tonight when I walk her

to her room and she needs to stop


a moment to catch her breath,

I marvel at how human she is,


this woman who has been more

than human to me my whole life—


a super hero, a champion, a star.

And somehow, knowing this, and


understanding that it’s been true all along,

I fall even more deeply in love with her


as she leans back on the bed, lets out

a long sigh, closes her eyes, and smiles.

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I didn’t know I would love you more

when you were no longer strong—

you were so tender then, and soft.

And gone. They wouldn’t let me keep your hair.

I kept a strand anyway. I wear it

in a locket chained around my neck.

Sometimes I am strong enough

to open it. Sometimes I am strong enough

to weep for what was lost.

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