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Your own way, of course,
though that will always
be lost again.
Your keys. Your balance.
Your groove.
You can find your joy.
Your jean size. Your niche.
Your face shape. Your rhythm.
Your love.
Find your rapper name, like Da Real Ro$e,
or Rosormous G,
or Inspectah Jazz.
Your happy place. Your inner peace.
Your people. Your tribe.
Your wings.
You can find your career.
Your spirit animal. Your voice.
Your senator.
Your song.
But some things that are lost
are lost for good. Some that go
are gone.
Like a moment ago.
Like yesterday.
Like last week, last month,
last year.
Can you find now?
Find yes? Find truth?
Can you find (yet again)
why you are here?

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