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I feel like I’m this experiment called Joi.
            —Joi Sharp

Now that we’re calling this life an experiment,
it’s suddenly more fun to notice
what makes a Rosemerry angry?
How does a Rosemerry learn?
Can we make her annoyed?
What if we frustrate her with insurance claims?
With slow traffic? With politics?
With fill in the blank?
What conditions help her forgive?
How quickly might a Rosemerry
be moved to tears?
What makes her want to cast blame?
What if she meets guilt in a crowded room?
What if she has nowhere to hide?  
What makes her feel small?
What makes her feel vast?
How does a Rosemerry
heal from a wound?
What happens when she is infused with love?
What if it’s more than she can hold?
What inspires a Rosemerry to laugh?
What if she deviates from her thoughts?
If we minimize the variables,
can we predict what brings her peace?
If we control confounding factors,
can we repeat our findings?
Faced with the data,
can she still embrace the unknown?
Can she stay open to possibility?
Lose her attachment to outcomes?
Such a curious subject,
elusive as a song.
What if we change the stimulus again?
Who is she now?

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One Long Walk




trying to see me

the way that cloud sees me—

disappearing as it does


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“Not past the tip of the nose.”

            —Joi Sharp



Looking out the window at night

all you will see is yourself

and, perhaps, your longing

to look outside yourself.

Isn’t that the way it always is—

looking anywhere but in

for meaning, for purpose,

for entertainment, for love—

but here in the window,

the darkness there delivers you

to yourself. But don’t let

the inquiry end with the eyes.

Close them. And now, now,

what do you see?


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at seven

she likes to sashay

for the mirror—

already her eyes see

her self as if they belong

to someone else

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