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A Great Site for Women’s Voices

A couple summers ago I wrote this poem, published yesterday at The Voices Project, at a Ziggie’s Poetry Festival Workshop led by Rachel Kellem, a poem about writing poems and what is possible when we do write. Check out this site if you get a chance … it is the home for women to do exactly what my poem is wishing would be possible. Thank you Voices Project!

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The Power of Poetry

Sometimes a dream comes true–on Friday and Saturday night I’ll be in Ohio performing with Naomi Shihab Nye, one of my poetry heroes. The people at the Hocking HIlls Festival of Poetry are so welcoming, so warm, so full of fun and love of life. Alan Cohen, the organizer, is an inspiration for how to live poetically, how to support other people in their dreams, how to grow community. God I love what happens when people get together to play poetry … if you’re anywhere near Logan, Ohio, the shows are free both nights. 

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