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Swell, stutter,
tremble, flutter,
stumble, grasp, contract,

waddle, falter,
rise up, wither
wander, linger, gasp,

squat, break,
spread, quake,
writhe, clench, fall, breathe, groan,

wrestle, shake,
push, unmake,
release, arch, push, hum, moan,

shudder, sweat,
quiver, let,
crown, push, open, tear,

cradle, hum
unfold, undone,
stare, wonder, weep, revere.

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Confession of a Stay at Home Mom
(I wrote it a few years ago, but thought it was a good day to repost it …)

I’ve fallen in love
with Dr. Suess,
I want to slather him in rhymes
until his Horton hears my Whos.
I’ve heard delicious rumors
of his seven hump whump,
Did he say seven humps? Seven?
Oh! be still my whump-a-thump!
I want to find him in my car,
I want to find him near and far.
I want to find him in my house,
I want to find him up my blou …
Oh, excuse me.
I know what you’re thinking:
Rosemerry, Dr. Suess?
Isn’t he a bit too old for you?
But if he’d just take a gander,
I will be his Mother Goose
and oh! The places we’ll go!
Good Doctor,
put your wocket in my pocket
and when we’re through
I want to get lost
in your Solla Sollew.
I’ll even eat green eggs and ham
for the chance to undress
a rhyme with you.

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I say later,
she says now.
I say, do it,
she says how.
I say hurry,
she plays slow.
I say stop,
she says no.
I say wait,
she says why.
I say share,
she says mine.
I say sleep,
she says play.
Another night
Another day.

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—poem on a line from e.e. cummings

Rubble, smoke, sparrow, stone,
she wakes in darkness all alone.

Angel, master, docent, thief,
she wears the scars of love and grief.

Furrow, honey, Chopin, moss,
those are veils that are her loss.

There’s more, there’s more to be undone—
milk, lattice, lily, plum.

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New song
new drum
new groove

new hum
new rhythm
new hit

new favorite
and silence
does not change

one bit.

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