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for Jim Tipton



I woke up needing proof of love,

proof that we feel it,

proof that we share it, proof

that it matters. And there,

old friend, on the shelf

I found you, surrounded

by dusty covers. I hugged

your pages to my chest.

Is that silly I somehow felt your book

hold me in response?

The way you would hold me—

the kind of embrace that has summer

inside it, and desert honey, and patchouli, and silk.


No one could write a love poem

like you—a poem that made

almost every human feel as if they, too,

had a heart full of orchards made for wandering in,

eyes wide as high mesas

where any lover would want to explore.


Today, I want to read everyone your book.

I want the dark bread of your words to find

every lonely woman, every lonely man,

retelling them they are beautiful. I want

the salt in your words to dissolve on my tongue,

to attune me to thirst. I want to remind

every person what we are capable of—

a love so astonishing it gathers in us

like ripe peaches, sweet,

so impossibly sweet, and yet real—

something we treasure so completely

that all we want to do is give it away.

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