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And there on the corner
of 43rd and 8th, while sirens
wailed past us and the sun
played hide and seek
behind theaters and high rise hotels,
she told me how, five years
after her husband’s death,
grief has unfolded
into profound tenderness,
how loss has helped her feel
a sense of home in the divine—
and I wished every street corner
in every city
might be so blessed
by conversation,
words that float like incense
through the wailing morning air,
something heady as sweet amber,
sensual as rosemary,
something that infuses
the urban drive
with the woody scent of peace,
something so true it proves
every inch of this scarred earth
is host for the sacred,
and that no matter where we are,
we might find another
who helps us blossom wider
into the shocking flower
of gifts so much greater
than our selves.

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