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Looking for god under the bed—

finding dust bunnies.

Sacred dust bunnies.

Of course, I think,

but to be honest, friend,

I don’t really see

the divine

in these drifts of abandoned hair

and fuzz and grit,

no matter how much I’d like to.

Now I know how I get in my own way.

For here on, I’ll need to question

my eyes more often.

Lower my standards? Perhaps

feel myself being held

up to the light

to see what shines.



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The Lesson

I asked the world

to teach me of truth

and waited and waited

for a lesson. Anything.

A bird. A rainbow.

A bug. A storm.

But nothing.

And so I went in

and made a cup

of coffee—ground

the beans and steamed

the milk and cradled

the cup in my hands.

And I tasted it.

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In a book,
in the fridge,
in your eyes,
at the edge,
at the altar,
in the sky,
on the mountain,
in the night,
in a song,
in a kiss,
with a
in the sea,
on a shelf—
of myself.

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First I wanted
to find the straightest
path from me to you,
and clear it
of all the stones,
the cliffs, the weeds.
Now I feel it is all
the path, how it all
leads to you, even
the stones,
the cliffs, weeds.

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