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with thanks to Kyra



Minor and slow,

the Russian death song

on the cello

fills the room

with loss and beauty,

the two rubbing

together like notes

side by side on the scale

played at the same time.

I lay on the floor

beneath the great instrument

and feel the waves of it

as if they originate inside me—

play it again, I beg

the cellist, and then,

when it’s done, I beg her

again, play it again,

And she does. And she does,

the warm notes filling

any chill they find.




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soft thread of tune
beyond humming
still the attempt

though the musician
is long, long gone
strands of dark arpeggios
in my hair


he once played
that Bach prelude
I feel now so


long after
the listening
still listening


almost like lips
bruised from a night of kissing
my ears this morning after

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It is Bach
I tell the broccoli
knife keeps quarter beats


all my empty spaces
alive with cello and silence—
every loss
has made it possible
this breathtaking resonance


the music touches
me everywhere, everywhere
purple gladiolas


in the kitchen
I am being spun, whirling
the cello bows

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