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Forgive me, please, when I,
thrilling in how much I love you,
believe you belong to me—
like a book or shirt or a ring.
Writing that short list,
it now seems strange
I believe I own anything.
I know well the unstitching of loss.
Let me learn to love you loosely
the way I love morning,
the way I love song,
the way I love hawks on the wing.
Let me love you the way
I love poems, startled
and grateful each time I find
it is I who belongs to them. 

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Dozens of puzzle pieces suspended in the air.

All day, I’ve wondered why no one else

seems to see them—dangling as they are

on the hiking trail and in the kitchen this morning,

over the highway and at the birthday party.

All day, they appear with their knobs and inlets,

their gray backs and colorful fronts,

spinning like small bits of certainty.

Sometimes I feel one fit into place

in some larger puzzle I don’t actually see,

but when a piece slips in, I feel it

with my whole body—a snap, a link,

a small yes. I don’t know whose hand

is doing the work. I don’t know where

the pieces came from nor where they should go.

All day I wait for it, the feeling of being lifted

out of my life and placed back in

exactly where I belong.

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You Belong Here

            for SRB

You belong here—

here in the world

of wonder and fear,

of Zumba and street fights,

of pink hats and protests.

You belong here

with your questions,

your anger, your trust,

your voluptuous cursive,

your stubborn tears,

you belong here.

With your fine darkness,

your involuntary shine,

your shuttered faith

and your reckless love,

your uncertainty,

you belong here—

in the alleys, the rooms,

in the meadows, the halls,

in the sacred cathedral

of your body.

Whether or not

you asked to be here,

whether or not

you feel wanted here

here is where you belong.

It is for you the moment arrives,

wondering what comes next.

It is for you the next breath

finds your body and fills you,

it’s for you, this day, you

right here where you belong.

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